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This is a role to have nginx pass through HTTP traffic to another system or serve as an HTTPS endpoint and pass on the traffic via HTTP to another system on the host.


You also need to setup the roles nginx and SSL to use this role.

Role Variables

  • nginx_passthrough_listen_port: The port to which nginx should listen
  • nginx_passthrough_listen_port_ssl: The port to which nginx should listen for SSL traffic
  • nginx_passthrough_name: A name for your projects, will be used for folder names
  • nginx_passthrough_server_name: The server DNS name to which nginx should listen
  • nginx_passthrough_server_name_alternatives: Alternative hostnames that should redirect to the main hostname
  • nginx_passthrough_target_host: The hostname to which nginx should relay the traffic
  • nginx_passthrough_target_port: The target port of your service to which nginx should relay the traffic
  • nginx_passthrough_target_socket: If you serve your WSGI project on a socket, you can also use this setting instead of nginx_passthrough_target_host and nginx_passthrough_target_port, the value must include the unix: prefix, e.g. unix:/run/gunicorn/project.sock

Optionally, you can define the following variables to protect the site with username and password:

  • nginx_passthrough_login_username: The username to use for login
  • nginx_passthrough_login_passwordhash: The htaccess password hash from the password for login

Other options are:

  • nginx_passthrough_cross_origin_host: If you want to allow cross origin requests (i.e. send the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header), specify the allowed host (or *) with this option

Example Playbook

This role is used in a playbook together with another role for the service to which nginx should forward the traffic.

- hosts: website
     - "vars/project.yml"
     - project
     - ssl
     - nginx
     - nginx-passthrough