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Attention: This project has not been maintained since 2014 and will not receive any more updates from me.

Resize utility for the Zend Framework

Skoch_Filter_File_Resize is a utility for integrating image resizing into the Zend Framework's Zend_Form structure. It is implemented as a filter which you can attach to Zend_Form_Element_File instances.


  • Download the folder library/Skoch from github and add it to your library files
  • Add autoloaderNamespaces[] = "Skoch_" to your application.ini


The folders application and public contain examples for some basic usage. The most interesting file is application/forms/Image.php. You will need to have Zend-Framework installed to run the example.

Basic Usage

You can add the filter to your Zend_Form_Element_File instance.

$photo->addFilter(new Skoch_Filter_File_Resize(array(
    'width' => 200,
    'height' => 300,
    'keepRatio' => true,

This will scale the image to a maximum of 200px length and a maximum of 300px height. One of both sides will probably be a bit smaller, because we set keepRatio to true meaning that the aspect ratio (e.g. 3:4) shall be maintained. There also is a implicit defition of keepSmaller set to true meaning that if the image is already smaller, it shall not be enlarged (because that would lead to a lot of strange pixels).

Multiple thumbnails

Often you want to create several thumbnails in different sizes. This can be done by using a so called filter chain and the directory option of the Skoch_Filter_File_Resize.

If you specify directory, the value of setDestination() will not be considered anymore. Thus, you have to pass the full path to the directory option.

$filterChain = new Zend_Filter();
// Create one big image with at most 600x300 pixel
$filterChain->appendFilter(new Skoch_Filter_File_Resize(array(
    'width' => 600,
    'height' => 300,
    'keepRatio' => true,
// Create a medium image with at most 500x200 pixels
$filterChain->appendFilter(new Skoch_Filter_File_Resize(array(
    'directory' => '/var/www/skoch/upload/medium',
    'width' => 500,
    'height' => 200,
    'keepRatio' => true,
// Rename the file, of course this should not be a fixed string in real applications
$multiResize->addFilter('Rename', 'users_upload');
// Add the filter chain with both resize rules

This will create two thumbnails, one of maximum 600px length and 300px height and the other of 500px length and 200px height. In each case, the aspect ratio will be kept. The smaller thumbnail will be saved to the folder /var/www/skoch/upload/medium while the larger one will use the default option set via Zend's setDestination() method.

Options / Arguments

You may specify different options for the Resize Filter:

  • width: The maximum width of the resized image
  • height: The maximum height of the resized image
  • keepRatio: Keep the aspect ratio and do not resize to both width and height (usually expected).
  • keepSmaller: Do not resize if the image is already smaller than the given sizes.
  • cropToFit: If the image dimensions do not match the given image, crop off some borders
  • directory: Set a directory to store the thumbnail in. If nothing is given, the normal image will be overwritten.
  • adapter: The adapter to use for resizing. You may specify a string or an instance of an adapter.

Further information

You can find further information in the article on my blog.


This software is licensed under the Simplified BSD License.


Integrate image resizing into the Zend Framework's Zend_Form structure.




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