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Hello, World
2013-08-30 22:09

This is a first test of my new Octopress-driven blog to discuss the finer points of computer programming geekery.

I'm a Perl programmer by trade, but have spent a lot of time in the last year learning Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, and iOS programming. Call it a programming mid-life crisis, if you will.

I've started this blog to ramble on about the things that interest me in that world but that regular readers of the main blog,, which is so old in internet terms that I still have the "www." in front of it.

Just to test how this blog handles code excerpts, here's a little something I wrote last night in Elixir:

defp guess(actual, low.._high, c_guess) when c_guess > actual do
  IO.puts "Is it #{c_guess}"
  new_range = (low..c_guess)
  guess(actual, new_range, take_a_guess(new_range))

Frustratingly, code highlight for Elixir is not available in pygments.rb. It is available in the main Python-based pygments highlighting system, so perhaps we'll see it ported over someday soon...

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