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Are Rubyists Business Hour Twitterers?
2013-09-03 22:20

I divide my Twitter feed into three lists: Comic Books, Ruby, and iOS. The comics list is the busiest, followed by the iOS development folks, followed by the Ruby clan.

What I've found is that the comics industry list is a free-for-all. It goes on 24 hours a day, with people commenting about everything in the world from comics to politics to TV shows and whatever else you could imagine. Comics brought everyone together, but the discussion is not centered on them.

The Apple folks stick mostly to the tech world, with forays into politics (left and libertarian).

The Ruby list stays the most focused. True, they get into the politics, too, (DHH leads the way there) but it's mostly programming and career-related things.

Those lists are selected by me, so perhaps those are my biases in choosing people to follow.

But here's the part that's most curious to me: The Ruby list goes quiet overnight. The other two lists run 24 hours a day, but I can wake up in the morning to only a few scant tweets from the Ruby folks. They tweet during business hours, mostly, and that goes for the entire worldwide population. I follow people in the UK and in Australia. Even they go quiet overnight during the United States East Coast time zone.

Is there some deeper life lesson for the work/life balance? Or just dumb luck from the people I most wanted to follow?

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