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Random Programming Thoughts
2013-09-04 21:24
  • iTerm 2 feels better than Mac OS X's built-in terminal, though I'm not quite sure yet why. Maybe it's the tabs. I don't use the transparency, nor the TextExpander-like functionality. It's gotta be the tabs. Using CMD and arrows to go from tab to tab makes things very easy.

  • Re-learning Ruby and Rails has been a process. Ruby is pretty straight-forward to me. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ruby feels to me like Object Oriented Perl. There are a lot of similarities. It's what Perl 6 should have been, maybe. I have to get used to the idiomatic parts of it, but I can put stuff together. Right now, though, it looks like Perl code rewritten in Ruby. I'll get there.

  • But Rails? I'm not sure what it is, but it feels like Rails has grown up so much since last I learned it six years ago that it's become more complicated with so many shortcuts that it feels like one piece of magic piled up on the next. Reading a tutorial for Rails is a bunch of handwaving with "This is how it works, and don't worry, we'll explain how and why in Chapter 10 some 200 pages from now."

  • I'm also beginning to think my problem with it is less with learning the framework and more with how I'm learning it. Maybe I need some kind of video presentation? I don't know.

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