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Go Quote of the Day
2013-09-06 08:56

Google Engineer Matt Welsh offers a nice summary of his project's recent switch to Go from C++. It's all interesting stuff, but the final paragraph made me laugh:

Most of all I find coding in Go really, really fun. This is a bad thing, since we all know that "real" programming is supposed to be a grueling, painful exercise of fighting with the compiler and tools. So programming in Go is making me soft. One day I'll find myself in the octagon ring with a bunch of sweaty, muscular C++ programmers bare-knuckling it out to the death, and I just know they're going to mop the floor with me. That's OK, until then I'll just keep on cuddling my stuffed gopher and running gofmt to auto-intent my code.

Go's stuffed gopher mascot is cute, too. Check out his picture at the link.

And the other thing I agree completely with him on, and I'm sure a lot of other programers do, too:

...I staunchly refuse to edit code with any tool that requires using a mouse.

Good read.

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