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Three Thoughts on Three Languages: Elixir, Go, Perl
2013-09-09 23:30
  • I like Elixir a whole lot. It's just so clever and cool. Wish I could spend more time on it. My mind can't quite expand enough to envision the proper way to handle using it for larger projects, but I'm working towards that. Unfortunately, other language learning processes have to take precedence, so this is on the back burner, but it's the next thing I want to get to.

  • The Go Language is also of interest. I was probably one of the people making fun of it in 2009 when it was announced at Google, but it seems to have grown into a good scene. Lots of people are using it in production now for lengthy periods of time. It looks to do a whole lot in a very structured way. The syntax isn't too scary. It's interesting to see a function definition including the return values in the first line instead of the last. Wild.

  • Sometimes, it's the little things of programming that enchant you, you know? (Some people find it counter intuitive that, in Perl, you use @ to signal an array but $ to signal a single item of an array. I find that magical and logical. To each his own...)

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