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RubyConf 2013
2013-09-19 22:07

RubyConf this year has a good mix of programming. There are some on topics I don't much care about, some that are way high above my level, and some that I look forward to seeing on ConFreaks.

Some highlights for me:

  • "The Polyglot in the Code - An Elixir/Ruby Mashup" I'm a sucker for Elixir.

  • "Build your own Ruby-powered Arcade Machine!" Nothing that I would immediately turn around and use, but sounds like a fun dream project. That said, I AM working on a card game in Ruby just for learning's sake. Command-line based card games are likely not commercial winners, after all. On the other hand, once I have the guts of the game working, what's to stop me from porting it to something more visual?

  • "Your Development Machine in the Cloud" I want to learn more about TMUX.

  • "Eliminating branching, nil and attributes - let's get weird" Sounds like a fun way to learn more about object oriented programming, which is something I'm always on the lookout for. Feels like I'm making up for lost time there.

  • "That's Not Very Ruby of You" Sounds like a solid Ruby-specific presentation. I bring my Perl background to Ruby, so learning how to do things more Ruby-centric is a good idea. Breaks me of my "bad" habits.

  • "Recommendation Engines with Redis and Ruby" Above my paygrade, but an interesting topic.

  • "Beneath The Surface: Harnessing the True Power of Regular Expressions in Ruby" Hey, I'm a recovering Perl programmer. OF COURSE I'd want to see a regular expressions talk.

  • "How To Roll Your Own Ops Framework In Ruby (If You Really Have To)" I've never been an infrastructure guy, but DevOps stuff fascinates me.

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