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Learning Ruby on Rails is EASY! Right?
2013-09-24 20:00
ruby, rails, education

So simple: Just learn Ruby, which is a relatively simple language to get started with if you have a background in object oriented programming, or even a scripting language.

Then, learn Rails.

Testing is part of the culture, so learn RSpec. Maybe Capybara. You might get away with ignoring Cucumber these days, but not if you someday program against something that's a couple years old.

You need to create views, so some SASS might be good.

Maybe HAML?

JavaScript is handy, but CoffeeScript will do.

Git for version tracking.

Maybe a little Jenkins for Continuous Integration? Nah, save that for the advanced class. . .

Don't forget a little FactoryGirl and Nokogiri and your plug-in of choice for creating users and their roles (Devise, perhaps?).

Actually, I don't even know what Nokogiri is, but I hear it coming up a lot.

Twitter Bootstrap might come in handy to make things look prettier at first.

Then you can deal with publishing your web app, so there's Heroku and Capistrano.

And there's someone coming up fast to explain to you why there are better alternatives for everything I just mentioned.

By the time you get through all of that, the world will change and it'll be time to move onto the next big popular thing that it's too late for you to catch up with.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

If you don't REALLY like computers, programming will never be your thing.

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