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Ruby: Inheritance is Super
2013-11-15 20:57

Let me save you all an hour with this one:

When using inheritance in Ruby, the parentheses in your call to super are important.

Specifically: If you're calling out to super without any parameters, you must use them.

This is a lesson I have learned now the hard way, after troubleshooting seemingly every other potential problem in my code. I was convinced at one point that one class couldn't see the other because it was in a separate file. I messed with "require_relative" for a while, plus different code layout choices.

In the end, the problem came about becuase I was inheriting from another class, but not passing additional values over as a parameter. Because of that, I had to use the parentheses. Once I realized that, problem solved.

So, yes, I feel like a bit of a fool on this, but I also just learned a lot about:

  • require_relative
  • the super command
  • method inheritance

Sometimes, learning is a slow slog. For more on learning, check out the latest edition of the Ruby Rogues podcast.

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