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Elixir Talks Go Live
2014-03-12 15:13:38 -0400

The recent Erlang Factory San Francisco conference featured an Elixir track on one of its two days. The videos for these talks are starting to appear on YouTube now.

Judging by the videos, this track of the con was held in the janitor's closet in the back of the conference center, with someone's iPhone pointing at the screen. It's fun being the red-headed stepchild at a conference. But, hey, after telling the Erlang folks all the stuff they're doing wrong, you didn't expect bright lighting and full post-production on your talks, did you? Nah.

The first two talks up should likely be watched in reverse order if you aren't familiar with macros yet. I'm not.

Here's the "Write Less, Do More (and Have Fun)" talk that deals with Macros:

{% youtube mkoYqXdXl5Y %}

Then you can go back to the "Pipe Dreams" talk which is mostly about how to reimplement pipes with macros for better error handling:

{% youtube QP3Ffc5cU_U %}

More to come!

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