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Comparing Cons
2014-07-30 13:03:13 -0400
ElixirConf, OSCON, comics

In my other life, I'm a commentator on all sorts of things in the comic book industry. I've written the same column every week for something like 17 years now. It means that there are very few things I do in life that I don't wind up comparing to something in the comics industry.

Last week, while San Diego Comic-Con was happening, I was at two tech conferences, OSCON and ElixirConf. So I wrote a column comparing the two different kinds of tech conferences.

You can read that here, or I'll spoil the summary for you now:

What do we take away from this? First, that no matter what I'm doing, it all circles back to comics somehow. Second, con badges that don't turn around and have names printed in large type are awesome. Third, recording con panels is something that should be done. Fourth, power strips are awesome and a lifesaver.

But all of this is helped by bigger ticket prices that the comics community has proven unwilling to pay. In the end, they're two wildly different communities. That's not to say we can't learn from one another. Let's start with those nametags...

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