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Simple Elixir Pleasures
2014-08-15 20:48:47 -0400

You know that part of a blog where there's x number of comments and your job, as the programmer, is to properly label them with "comment" or "comments"? It's an annoying little bit of code, usually involving another if/then sequence. You can sorta shortcut it if you want to look cheap by saying "comment(s)" and saving yourself one check.

Bill C, in his Redditex repo, has a better solution, thanks to Elixir's pattern matching of functions:

    defp comment(0), do: ""
    defp comment(1), do: "(1 comment)"
    defp comment(n), do: "(#{n} comments)"

I love that. It's so clear and so clean looking to me.

Sigh. I'm turning into one of those one jerks who hates if/then/else.

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