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How To Write Elixir Code: The Advanced Method
2014-08-19 01:55:47 -0400

Just in case: The following is a work of loving parody. Maybe satire? Maybe just having fun. Ya know I love ya guys and gals, right?

##1. State Its Purpose

I want to write a program to generate even numbers.

(For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm choosing a ridiculously simple purpose, one so simple that it's already solved by the core of the language itself. Just work with me here.)

##2. Write a Test with ExUnit

    assert Number.is_even(0) == true

I looked it up on Wikipedia to be sure this was true. Then I tested it in ExUnit to make sure it passed. Only THEN did I show you this test as if I was so confident it would work because I knew in advance that 0 is considered even.

If you have a problem with that, I invite you to look deep inside yourself and define "truthy" out loud with a straight face.

This is computer programming. We're paid to make stuff up as we go along with utter confidence that Stack Overflow was right.

##3. Write the Code to Pass the Test

defmodule Number do

  def is_even(0), do: true


Computer programming has gone so high level that any fifth grader could do this stuff after a day in MineCraft...

##4. Repeat 2 and 3 As Often As Possible to Complete What Step 1 Asks for

Bonus points for using guard clauses or recursion. I got one of those two in here.

defmodule NumbersTest do
  use ExUnit.Case

  test "Even Numbers Check" do
    assert Number.is_even(0) == true
    assert Number.is_even(1) == false
    assert Number.is_even(2) == true
    assert Number.is_even(3) == false
    assert Number.is_even(4) == true
    assert Number.is_even(9) == false
    assert Number.is_even(200) == true

Where's QuickCheck when I need it? Or is that Concuerror I need? I can never keep those two straight. I do, however, recognize that ReBar wouldn't help here. Yet.

    defmodule Numbers do

      def is_even(0), do: true

      def is_even(value) when rem(value, 2) > 0 do

      def is_even(_), do: true


So far, so normal.

##5. Now, Rewrite it, With More Pipes

I picked far too simple an example for this. Trust me, though, if you want to hang with the cool kids, everything is a transformation, and every step of that transformation comes after a pipeline operator. Every program, once it's boiled down to its most basic structure, is this:

  |> Function
  |> Print

Remember that.

##6. Good, Now Take Out all the Parentheses You Can

    defmodule Number do

      def is_even 0, do: 1
      def is_even(value) when rem(value, 2) > 0 do
      def is_even(_), do: true


It's usually harder to read, but the cool kids will like you more.

##7. Use OTP

No matter what your program does, it'll be sweeter if 100 processes are doing it at the same time, waiting to receive your message and increment a counter somewhere. If you can break up the task to run across multiple servers at the same time, you'll also be crowned King of FP for the moment.

I changed the program to return the next even number.

defmodule Even.Server do

  use GenServer

  def handle_call(:prime_or_not, _from, number) do
    {:reply, Number.is_even(number), Number.is_even(number) }

  def next_even_number(number) do
    Even.Server.handle_call(:prime_or_not, number)


##8. Post it to

Instructions yet to come. Get it in now, though, while all the good names aren't already taken.

##9. Brag on Twitter that you've reinvented the wheel, but it's functional!

I just reinvented the wheel! This time, it’s functional! #MyElixirStatus

— Augie De Blieck Jr. (@augiedb) August 20, 2014
<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

##10. Go back to getting paid for making Ruby on Rails sites for corporate intranets.

I saw your fingers twitching there. I know what you want to do. I know what you're thinking:

rails new

##11. Convert it to Modern Elixir

That is, scrap your OTP port and convert it to the Phoenix framework.

##12. Extra Credit!

Rewrite the program using as many macros as possible....

Now go update your resume with "Elixir Ninja" and consider yourself "Full Stack"!

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