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Quick Look CSV
2014-09-14 20:50:32 -0400
mac csv

This is likely very old news for lots of you, but I just ran it into this weekend and thought it was neat.

One of the niftiest features of OS X is Quick Look. Often overlooked or forgotten or not generally known, this is the feature that lets you hit the space bar on a file in Finder and get an instant preview.

This weekend, I hit the space bar on a CSV file. Not only does it work, but it formats the data into a table for you. Check this out:

{% img %}

Like I said: Nifty! Nothing world-altering or game-changing, but just another example of some of the cool things OS X does for you that we take for granted, never think about, or miss too easily.

Now I just need to train it to not suggest Excel as the default application owner for CSV files...

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