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Day of Delusions
2014-09-20 14:10:59 -0400

There must have been something in the water yesterday. Check out these two stories and let's play another game: Who's more delusional?

  1. Bono talked in an interview about a new format for digital music that will be impossible to pirate. (Yes, it's OK to take a moment to compose yourself. All that laughing is healthy. I understand.) Marco Arment nails it with his commentary.

  2. A co-founder of MySpace is suing Google and, saying that MySpace was sold for far less than what it was worth then because the competitors colluded against MySpace. OK, that's reasonable enough. Crazy things happen in Silicon Valley and companies have been known to do that kind of thing. That's a lawsuit that might have some merit.

But then he goes off the deep end:

Brad Greenspan claims in the suit that the companies colluded to cause MySpace to sell for $580 million, when it could have been worth $132 billion.

(Again, yes, with the laughing. I understand.)

MySpace was big in its day, no doubt, but was always doomed to failure. This lawsuit is desperation to regain lost glories and a perceived lost fortune because his timing wasn't right. Once big money enters a game, there's always people begging for scraps through whatever means necessary.

So, Bono or Brad Greenspan? Who looks more delusional this weekend? You make the call.

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