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Mac Update Fears
2014-09-19 21:11:25 -0400

Let's play a quick game. Look at this image and tell me which update scares me the most and why:

{% img %}

I'll give you the choices:

  • Command Line Tools As a guy who programs on his computer from the command line, this update is fraught with peril. Which programming language might it disrupt? Which Linux program might change? There's no more information on the update than the title, so I have to assume the worst case. That's scary.

  • OS X Update 10.9.5 With 10.10 just around the corner, is this one necessary? It has security updates, so I suppose it is. The problem is, it requires a reboot. I hate rebooting my computer. I always leave it on and it goes into sleep mode fairly quickly to save power and strain. Rebooting means loading everything up again, rearranging windows, finding which tabs I lost on Safari when I get back, etc. Scary.

  • Xcode 6.0.1: I don't actually code anything in Xcode at the moment, but I hate having updates sitting around for a long time. Problem is, it's a 2.5 GB download, and probably takes up more space to expand it locally and install. My hard drive is pretty full. Will this be the one that puts me over the edge?

When will computers get easier?

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