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A Glimmer of Hope
2014-09-21 10:17:31 -0400
podcasting patent

A patent troll gets its butt kicked from here to Pluto:

A patent troll called Lumen View Technology got stopped in its tracks last year after it sued Santa Barbara-based startup FindTheBest, then asked the company for a quick $50,000 settlement. It lost its case, and has now said it won't even bother appealing.

Instead of settling to avoid a costly lawsuit, as several other small companies had, FindTheBest responded with a pledge to fight the patent all the way and also slapped Lumen View with a civil RICO lawsuit.

The RICO part of this is truly inspired, and calls the patent troll out for being what they truly are -- a new form of digital mafia racketeering their way to money.

Reading the whole thing might make you very very angry. But the happy part is that this case worked out in the best of all possible ways. The patent troll got turned around in the worst possible way.

So, there you have it: Good news to start the new week. Happy Sunday!

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