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Learning What I'm Learning
2014-09-27 20:29:53 -0400

When I started writing in this blog daily at the beginning of the month, I thought it would help chronicle the new technologies I'd be learning away from work. Mostly, I thought I'd be doing a lot of Elixir. It took me this long to realize why that hasn't happened and why this has been as much a Perl blog as anything else.

I've been learning new Perl things for work. And, honestly, that's kept me happy. I haven't felt as motivated to learn other things at the same time as much. It's that process of learning the new stuff that keeps me excited about programming. When things were dry at work for new stuff, I scratched that itch by learning new things outside of Perl. Lately, all I've been doing is Perl-based work, and that's mostly because I knew it was material I might be able to use at my day job immediately or in the near future.

The thrill of actually USING something immediately trumps the thrill of learning new stuff that you want to use in the future.

So, uhm, I'm being short-sighted? I don't know. It's all part of the process, I guess.

At least the learning never ends...

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