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Tech Analysts in the Bubble
2014-09-28 21:41:13 -0400

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this here before, but with the new iPhone's release, it bears repeating.

Some things tech analysts need to know at the release of a new iPhone:

  • Most iPhone owners use cases. The vast majority of them. I'd guess better than 95%. Our phones are thus thicker than what you're reviewing. And, honestly, many of us like it that way. It's easier to grab a phone in a more rubbery case than in the slick naked form factor that you're all ogling over.

  • Most iPhone users are on a two year contract. The big phone companies make a big deal these days with all their special deals, but (again) 95% of iPhone owners in the U.S. are on a two year contract and won't be breaking it at a cost of hundreds of dollars to buy a new phone.

  • Sure, there's math that proves that spending $700 on a new phone is economically the best thing to do. Nobody's budget works like that. Laying out $700 on a new phone is not going to work.

  • While we're impressed by the engineering marvel that is each new edition of the iPhone, most of us probably don't care about those minor details that show Apple design off so well. We cover them with the case. That unsightly line across the back? I never saw it, because the case covered it. My phone WORKS whether that line exists or not. The camera lens bulge? Doesn't matter; my case is thicker. The rounded edges? Yeah, I can see them at the edge of my case and they're neat, but they're not changing how I use the phone, pretty though they might be. Antennagate? Not an issue for us.

If your report on the new iPhone is about carrying it around for a week without a case and without any concern for the price, then your review might very well be academically rigorous, but is functionally useless outside the bubble you and your friends blogging back and forth at each other live in.

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