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How to 'Save' Perl
2014-09-30 13:56:50 -0400

Curtis "Ovid" Poe answers a Quora question on how Perl might make a comeback.

An excerpt:

One issue Perl has had has been marketing. We've done a great job marketing Perl internally the past few years and have really done a great job improving the language and the community, but now it's time to make that push to the outside world. Many people are completely unaware of how vibrant the community and the language are.

As if to answer that, The Perl Foundation announced "an increased commitment to marketing and public relations" by bringing in a public relations group to help. Don't know how much programmers will listen to a PR pitch, but it couldn't hurt...

Back to Ovid:

The other feature is a proper Metaobject protocol in the language (not just in Moose). There's been some work on this and if it ever gets into core (and Ricardo Signes, the person currently overseeing development on the Perl 5 core, said he'll put it in if it's stable), then Perl's object-oriented features will not only catch up with most other languages, but will leap-frog many of them. However, without communicating this effectively to the outside world, this will be a beautiful gift that most will never open.

Adding in OO to core would be huge and is a necessity, I think. Will it save the language? I don't know, but it's a darn good idea and overdue.

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