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The iPod is the Gift People Want to Keep Giving
2014-10-03 22:19:54 -0400
drm apple ipod

There's a new class action lawsuit claiming that Apple used DRM on iTunes to block out Real fans from playing their music on iPods.

Because Apple loves to charge less than 99 cents for everything. Why, if it weren't for DRM, Apple would have had to compete and charge 79 cents per song just like everyone else. No, wait, nobody else did that, except the illegal Russian sites that would sell full Beatles albums for a dollar.

So then Apple got rid of the DRM lock-in -- Steve Jobs wrote a letter and everything -- that led to unfairly high prices that overcharged consumers and -- raised prices of music to $1.29 for the first time.

The judge didn't throw out the suit and now it'll go to a "jury of peers" that don't understand technology.

Stupid legal system.

Let's not even get started on judges not understanding the tech world and the whole ebooks thing...

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