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How Will Google Make Money?
2014-10-10 07:29:50 -0400

This is a fun one that showed up on Hacker News this week. It's a ZDNet article from 1999, asking the eternal question, "How will Google monetize?"

When asked how the company plans to make money, Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page would only say what they won't do. They don't want to become a portal. No content. And they want to avoid competing with other search engines to be the browser of choice for existing portals. In fact, Page said Google doesn't have any real competitors at all, which may be why they don't intend to do much marketing.

How was Google scaling at that time?

[Larry] Page said he plans to use the $25 million to beef up the company's infrastructure and technology. Google plans to more than quadruple its staff from 23 to 100 by years' end, and has been buying PCs for its network in shipments of 80 at a time, though the company wouldn't disclose exactly how many computers it has.

My, what a different world we live in today.

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