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Apple WWDC Keynote 2015
2015-06-08 20:25:14 -0400
apple swift wwdc

Some quick thoughts after today's WWDC Keynote, which I "watched" mostly through Twitter reactions and the first half hour of live streaming...

  • The split screen functionality they showed on Mac OS X will work great on the new larger iPads, won't it? Can't wait! I hope they make a larger screen iPad -- I just want to see comic books at an even bigger size. The color and reproduction are already better digitally, but if the page size effectively gets larger than print, I'll be very happy.

  • Swift 2 is going Open Source? Awesome! I'm busy with Elixir again, but I still really want to learn Swift, too. I even want to try my hand at a Mac app someday. Someday...

Things we learned only after the event, but which are more exciting to me than all the bullet point feature lists:

  • There's no separate developer's program for iOS and Mac OS X. Now, it's $99 to program for everything. That includes the Watch OS and, one might guess for the future, the Apple TV App Store. As Apple continues to spread the operating systems out and make them more interconnected, this is a smart move.

  • You can now load your apps on your iPhone without a developer's license. But you could always do that before, with the exception of certain APIs which wouldn't work -- most notably for me, the Media stuff, like playing music from iTunes. Sounds like you can load everything now, which is pretty cool. It basically means you only need to pay the $99 when you're read to ship an app to the App Store.

  • Apple believes nobody uses a case on their iPhone or iPad. The sight of 10 year old kids walking down the street with their unprotected iPhones made me laugh in this video. No parent is going to let that happen. I think the only case I saw in the whole video was on the iPad being used by the deaf boy near the end, and that's just to help prop the iPad up. It is, of course, the official Apple iPad case...

I need to watch the rest of the event to see what I missed next...

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