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Sandi Metz: Nothing is Something
2015-06-16 13:31:50 -0400
oo video ruby

I don't do any object oriented programming. Crazy, right? But I really don't at this time.

Sure, there are some Perl modules I use that are OO, and I've created one or two that are OO, also, but I can't claim that my daily duties at work consist of me figuring out whether to inject some dependency or compose some new objects.

Yet I'm fascinated by that stuff, probably because I don't have to actually deal with it on a daily basis. Theory is easy; practice is hard.

Sandi Metz's latest talk is awesome. If you've read POODR (and you should), you'll love this. If you haven't read POODR, you should like this, too.

{% youtube 29MAL8pJImQ %}

Fair Warning: Pay close attention. Block off some time to pay attention to this. It's worth it.

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