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Links of Pure Technological Randomness
2015-06-18 23:51:02 -0400
links bitcode apple rack ruby commodore C64
  • It's a blind spot that I couldn't explain what Rack is if you asked me. This explainer looks promising.

  • Time for some futuristic Apple forecasting. It's a fascinating look at what Apple might be doing with its ARM chips and how it has architected software to be relatively chip agnostic. It's also another example of how Apple might be making big changes over the long term right under our nose without laying it out in detail. Exciting.

Here's a quick excerpt:

When you see Bitcode for OS X on the App Store, it means that Bob’s team has created a CPU–almost certainly another ARM-derivative–good enough for the Mac. This week’s Metal on OS X announcement already lays the groundwork for ditching AMD and NVIDIA’s hot and bothersome components in favor of the increasingly first class graphics hardware in the iPad and iPhone.

As an early test to see if he could challenge the (Veterans Administration)’s protocol, he insisted, successfully, that his official government title be Rogue Leader. And so he is: Rogue Leader Weaver.

Awesome. As always, do not read the comments.

  • Naming things is hard. Don't name objects with -ER words. I've heard that advice before, but this is one of the better explanations I've read.

  • 64 Bites is a new screencast series teaching you how to program a Commodore 64. Where was this in 1984 when I needed it, and had to rely on Jim Butterfield's book, instead? ;-)

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