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The Best Videos of OSCon 2015
2015-07-25 23:00:44 -0400
videos oscon

O'Reilly doesn't give away the videos of the presentations at OSCon, ironically enough. You have to buy them as a package.

They do, however, live cast the keynotes on a daily basis to the internet and post those videos on-line immediately.

Here are my favorites:

"Situation Normal, Everything Must Change" by Simon Wardley {% youtube Ty6pOVEc3bA %}

"The Future is Awesome" by Paul Fenwick {% youtube c7TwbTt%ofLo %}

"Making Architecture Matter" by Martin Fowler {% youtube nbgAZyWMGR0 %}

"Change-Making at the Largest Public Interest Startup" by Mikey Dickerson {% youtube y6nMQg9qs7k %}

If you can only watch one, I'd go with Simon Wardley's...

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