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When Elixir Transpiles to Perl6...
2015-10-10 09:00:04 -0400
perl Elixir elixir

The problem with outlets like Slack and Twitter is that they're ephemeral. Information goes there to die. It'll never be found again after about 24 hours.

It has been suggested that folks using those outlets to discover things should report them back on their blogs or somewhere more permanent.

I think that's a great idea, so I'm preserving this discussion here on my blog for eternity. (Or until I fail to pay a hosting bill...)

I asked on Twitter the other day what we'd call a project that converted Elixir code into Perl6 code. Forget ElixirScript; what's the transpiler to Perl6 going to be named?

  • I suggested Elixerl, which would be dang near impossible to pronounce without biting a cheek or something.

  • Onorio Catenacci suggested Perlixir, which I liked even more.

  • Lew Parker floated a test balloon with Perlix. Like any good piece of Perl coding, it has the advantage of using fewer characters.

  • Luke Imhoff suggested "Mantle". Why, you ask? "The part of a clam that 'licks' a pearl to make it bigger is the mantle, so I propose Mantle so it has to be explained."

I can't argue with him, and I also like the word play.

Now, let me be on the record with this: I have no plans on writing something to move Elixir code to Perl6. This is strictly hypothetical. Unless you want to write such a thing. I wouldn't know where to start...

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