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The Silence of the West Coast
2015-10-28 23:20:48 -0400
fiction pun functional

It came to be that the west coast's largest state fell eerily silent.

The cause was unknown for a long time. Nobody talked about it, obviously.

It took volumes of writing on the internet, filled with hashtags and emoji, to sort the issue out.

Legislators met in Sacramento to discuss the problem, quietly at first. As their resolve grew, so did the volume of their collected voice. Their numbers increased.

They could not be shut up!

This powerful wave of discussion rolled south, down the Pacific Coast Highway, finally reaching into Los Angeles and Hollywood.

People who once made a living there speaking or posing in front of cameras once more found their voice. It made their day jobs as bartenders, waiters, and waitresses much easier.

Legislation was no longer necessary. The problem solved itself through the sheer willpower and force of those once affected.

In a town filled with actors and models and their agents, Hollywood could not be held muteable.

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