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Just Begging For a Lawsuit
2015-11-14 21:47:58 -0500

It seems to me that a job listing with this as its opening paragraph is begging for an age discrimination lawsuit, don'tcha think?

One of the top investment banks in the NY area is looking for a smart young DB Developer (1-4 years of experience) to work closely with the Global Equities business on various reporting systems. Great opportunity for a very bright Junior DB Developer out of a good school to learn the financial industry.

I mean, what if an experienced ETL developer was trying to change their career to something more DB-centric? This job would be good for that person, too.

Of course, the second sentence where they basically say they're looking for someone with a fancy university degree is your first major tip-off that their priorities are all out of whack and the job should be avoided at all costs, anyway...

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