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Augmented City - Singapore

Augmented City is an experimental event series created collaboratively by the XR Alliance and Mozilla. The kickoff of this first installment was supported by Intel.

We brought a group of developers and designers together for a day to explore how a city can be experienced using VR and AR. The day was split into a lightweight ideation workshop in the morning and team coding after lunch. The technical focus was to use A-Frame, a declarative 3D authoring tool for VR on the web, to rapidly prototype the ideas from the morning.

The prompt for the day was "How can we augment or virtualize our experience of Singapore in ways that are interesting, engaging and fun?"

If you're interested in joining an event, sponsoring or organizing one in your city, or anything else at all, reach out to any of the organizers:

Join the chat at


  • "We made a historical app for tourism - you walk through Chinatown and get information and get an extra experience. It has augmented data about where you're at. I made a 3d model of an old chinatown house, looking as it did in the old days. You can walk to a new building, and experience what it was like in the past." View / Remix

  • "I created something for people to experience their bucketlist items." View / Remix

  • "I made a murder crime scene! You have to figure out who's going to die and who's the murderer." View / Remix

  • "'We built this city' is metatags of people's memories of the city, and links to other websites as well." View / Remix

  • Virtually flooding a city: View / Remix

  • "I made a drain for the rubber ducky to swim in." View / Remix

  • "We experimented with a rotating 360 image in vr and ar, and worked on tracking objects in AR."

  • "We tried to figure out AR markers... like yeah, nyan cats. We worked on Ataraxia project for NYP project."

  • "I tried to figure out how to get QR codes to integrate into A-Frame... not successfully, yet!"

  • "We wanted to make an augmented reality information directory." There's information attached to specific buildings in reality, but it's hidden in people's minds. Let's make it so that when you look at the building, you can see the relevant information. View / Remix

  • "I tried to understand about replacement of proprietary AR lib with A-Frame, because the proprietary library is $7k. Also how to integrate it in a multiplatform way."

  • "I made a 360 image of Venice. I wanted to make a small project but found so much functionality in A-Frame that I wanted to keep exploring!" View / Remix


Flooded City

We Built This City

Who's the Murderer

Bucket List


Augmented City - Singapore






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