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  • CLOSED: Issue #41 - capistrano-ash is now under a MIT License

  • FIXED: Issue #43 - define port number if it hasn't already been set

  • FIXED: Issue #44 - fixes issue with set_perms_dirs if the path is not a directory

  • MERGED PULL REQUEST: Issue #45 - Replace 'sudo' with 'try_sudo' so that 'set :use_sudo, false' works


  • FIXED: Issue #42 - chown backups path was failing miserably in the deploy:setup_backup task


  • FIXED: Issue #28 - use try_sudo where appropriate

  • FEATURE: Issue #33 - Enable git submodules by default if using git

  • FIXED: Issue #34 - scp fails because of missing port option

  • FIXED: Issue #37 - Rescue from errors during backup:cleanup

  • MERGED PULL REQUEST: Issue #38 - improve set_perms_dirs and set_perms_files performance

  • FIXED: Issue #39 - zend:symlink is run multiple times

  • FEATURE: Issue #40 - check remote servers to see if drush is installed and available to the user


  • Added additional variable (:skip_compass_compile) to skip the compilation and just upload stylesheets (useful for our upcoming Wraith theme)

  • Namespaced the commands within `compass:defualt` to avoid any future conflicts


  • Version bump! - Adds tasks for compiling Sass/compass stylesheets and make it part of the deployment task chain. Although it's part of the task chain, it will only be ran if the `:compass_watched_dirs` is defined


  • FIXED: Issue #30 - change ownership of directories/files in `deploy:cleanup` to avoid permission denied errors

  • FIXED: Issue #29 - Remove copying of .git files to live site


  • FIXED: Issue #27 - Wordpress symlinking uploads and cache directories to the previous release instead of the newest release


  • FIXED: deploy:setup_backup now also attempts to create the :tmp_backups_path directory

  • added deploy:setup_backup to the backup:default stack so it's always called first (no more messy task chains!)

  • altered Magento's backup:default task to only do a database dump to the backups directory. File level backup will come at a later date.

  • altered Drupal's default for :dump_options which are now empty (equivalent to a run-of-the-mill mysqldump command) due to MYISAM vs INNODB concerns


  • FIXED: deploy:setup now creates directories with 755 permissions (instead of g+w)

  • abstracted the ash:fixperms functionality into 2 methods (set_perms_files and set_perms_dirs) in common.rb that take 2 arguments: the file path to the desired directory and the desired permissions

  • changed default location for storing temporary backups from the server's /tmp directory to the :deploy_to/backups/tmp directory

  • added the cleanup task to the backup:default task so the chain of tasks no longer need after “backup”, “backup:cleanup”

  • automatically fix permissions of archives before trying to delete old backup files

  • allow user to set the path to the mysqldump command

  • set default mysqldump options to be “–single-transaction –create-options –quick” which will work for INNODB tables but not for MYISAM tables


  • FIXED: added missing function to make “db” migration tasks work correctly


  • FIXED: syntax error in lib/ash/drupal.rb

  • cleaned up some mis-indented lines in lib/ash/drupal.rb


  • Applied dficker's proposed patch for issue #11

  • Added the `remote_dir_exists?` method to the `lib/ash/common.rb`

** TODO: better tasks to test if a remote directory exists

  • Added some Drupal Ubercart methods to help secure Ubercart encryption keys and downloadable products


  • Added functionality to help fascilitate migrating local databases to remote and back


  • Updated naming convention for Magento configuration files


  • Bug Fix: removed “config” from ignore statement to prevent legit Magento files from being ignored


  • Added a common method and test tasks to check if a file exists on the remote server

  • Added drupal:symlink_config_file as a utility task to check if the settings.php file exists in one of two formats (settings.ENV.php or settings.php.ENV)

  • The 'default' directory in `sites` is no longer the default application directory to be replaced. Instead the `:multisites` variable now expects the `:application` variable will also represent a folder within the `sites` directory that will be used as the default site when running drush commands. (i.e., `set :multisites, { “#{application}” => “#{application}” }`)


  • Added the drupal:htaccess task for copying distributed .htaccess files

  • Added example Drupal Capfile and staging/production deployment files

  • Version bump to 1.0


  • Added AAI-hosted Magento script

  • Added “setup_local” task for Magento script


  • Added the backup:cleanup method to remove old backups from the servers. You can over-ride the number of kept backups with the :keep_backups variable (default is 10). Warning: this will permanently remove the backups from the server solely based on the timestamp.


  • Removed the extra 's' from the callback section that was supposed to call deploy:setup_backup


  • Added doctrine:migrate method for the ash/zend_doctrine recipe

  • Finished the stubbed methods for backup:web and backup:db

  • Added the backups_path variable which should default to #{deploy_to}/backups

  • Added more examples to the README for the Zend_Doctrine recipe


  • Jake added WordPress recipe


  • Pete added Magento recipe and more STUB methods

0.0.11 (December 8, 2010)

  • Fixed some of my “uh-oh” moments and debugged the ash/base.rb and ash/zend_doctrine.rb files

0.0.5 (December 8, 2010)

  • Defined default stages and set the :default_stage variable to “staging”

  • Added an example Capfile for deploying Zend or Zend/Doctrine applications

  • Added the default deploy_to file path and set our backup_to variable

0.0.4 (December 7, 2010)

  • Added dependencies to the the gemspec

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