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  • Removed the extra 's' from the callback section that was supposed to call deploy:setup_backup


  • Added doctrine:migrate method for the ash/zend_doctrine recipe

  • Finished the stubbed methods for backup:web and backup:db

  • Added the backups_path variable which should default to #{deploy_to}/backups

  • Added more examples to the README for the Zend_Doctrine recipe


  • Jake added WordPress recipe


  • Pete added Magento recipe and more STUB methods

0.0.11 (December 8, 2010)

  • Fixed some of my “uh-oh” moments and debugged the ash/base.rb and ash/zend_doctrine.rb files

0.0.5 (December 8, 2010)

  • Defined default stages and set the :default_stage variable to “staging”

  • Added an example Capfile for deploying Zend or Zend/Doctrine applications

  • Added the default deploy_to file path and set our backup_to variable

0.0.4 (December 7, 2010)

  • Added dependencies to the the gemspec

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