Gem Build Instructions

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Below are basic instructions for building a new version of the gem.

Release Branch

Create a new branch dedicated to preparing the code for the new release.

If using git-flow:

git flow release start 1.0.1

Otherwise create a regular Git branch:

git co -b release-1.0.1

Version Bump

Prepare the code by making any release specific changes. Add a new entry to the CHANGELOG file to make it easy to scan which changes have been implemented.

Bump the version number:

rake version:bump:patch

Test Gem

Build a copy of the new gem for local testing:

rake build

This will put a copy of the gem in your pkg/ directory. You should probably install this locally for final testing before pushing live.

gem install pkg/capistrano-ash-1.0.1

Complete Release

After all necessary changes have been made and final testing is complete its time to build and push a the new code. Commit and merge your changes.

If using git-flow:

git flow release finish 1.0.1

Otherwise manually merge your Git branch:

git co master
git merge --no-ff release-1.0.1
git br -d release-1.0.1

Build & Push Final Package

Build the final release package:

rake release

After complete, push new gem to RubyGems:

gem push pkg/capistrano-ash-1.0.1.gem