Eclipse plugin providing grammar checking using LanguageTool
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Eclipse plugin providing grammar checking using LanguageTool.


This plugin contains all of LanguageTool and its dependencies (hence the size). The org/ folder of the standalone version of languagetool has been package into a jar file called languagetool-standalone.jar and placed into libs

The whole repository is an Eclipse Plugin project that can be imported directly into Eclipse for modification.


The plugin provide an extension for org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor.spellingEngine to provide Eclipe wide grammar checking in the various editors. It also extends org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences in order to remember the parameters.

Get it

Install a pre-compiled JAR

You can also download the file cx.ath.remisoft.languagetool-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar that contains the built plugin.

Copy the extracted content to your Eclipse install folder.

Eclipse p2 Update Site

Alternatively, you can install it via the following repository:

How to run

Onces the export is done the provided jar can be copied into the plugins/ folder of your Eclipse install

The (few) options can be access through the menu: WindowPreferencesGeneralEditorsText EditorsSpelling

Build it

Get the dependencies and build with Maven

Go to and download a recent ZIP file. Unzip it and move all JAR files into the cx.ath.remisoft.languagetool/libs folder. Zip the rest of the folder as languagetool-standalone.jar and also place it into the cx.ath.remisoft.languagetool/libs folder.

Next, you have to ensure that you have installed Maven 3 properly. See for further information.

In order to build a certain project you can use the console: go into the project folder and then call mvn clean verify. In case you build the cx.ath.remisoft.languagetool.master project all projects will be build.


cd cx.ath.remisoft.languagetool.master
mvn clean verify

The whole process is automatized in the Linux shell script ./ which can find in the root folder.

Create and upload a P2 update site.

If you want to make your project available as an update-site on a certain FTP server, you have to add the following to the pom.xml file in the cx.ath.remisoft.languagetool.p2updatesite project:

       <!-- Enabling the use of FTP -->

      <!-- This profile is used to upload the repo -->

            <!-- Properties relative to the 
            distant host where to upload the repo -->
            <!-- Relative path to the repo being uploaded -->

         <!-- Upload the repo to the server -->
             <serverId>{The server id of the configuration in the maven settings.xml file}</serverId>

And in your maven settings.xml you can store your login information for the server.

    <settings xmlns=""
          <id>{id, which is referenced inside the <serverId> tag in the *pom.xml* file of the cx.ath.remisoft.languagetool.p2updatesite project}</id>
          <username>{your ftp user name}</username>
          <password>{your ftp password}</password>

You need to replace the placeholders in {brackets} with your own configuration.

In order to run a build and upload the update-site just need to run the mvn install -P uploadRepoProfileId command on the command line.