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Analyzes some PHP source code and tries to fix coding standards issues (PSR-1 and PSR-2 compatible)
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PHP Coding Standard Fixer

PHP_CodeSniffer is a good tool to find coding standards problems in your project but the identified problems need to be fixed by hand, and frankly, this is quite boring on large projects! The goal of the PHP coding Standard Fixer tool is to automate the fixing of most issues.

The tool knows how to fix issues for the coding standards defined in the soon-to-be-available PSR-1 and PSR-2 documents.


Download the php-cs-fixer.phar file and execute it for a given directory:

php php-cs-fixer.phar fix /path/to/project

You can limit the fixers you want to use on your project by using the --level option:

php php-cs-fixer.phar fix /path/to/project --level=psr1
php php-cs-fixer.phar fix /path/to/project --level=psr2
php php-cs-fixer.phar fix /path/to/project --level=all

When the level option is not passed, all PSR2 fixers and some additional ones are run.

You can tweak the files and directories to be analyzed by creating a .php_cs file in the root directory of your project:


return Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder::create()

The .php_cs file must return a PHP iterator (that returns SplFileInfo instances), like a Symfony Finder instance for example.

You can also use specialized "finders", for instance when ran for Symfony 2.0 or 2.1:

# For the Symfony 2.0 branch
php php-cs-fixer.phar fix /path/to/symfony/src Symfony20Finder

# For the Symfony 2.1/master branch
php php-cs-fixer.phar fix /path/to/symfony/src Symfony21Finder

# For a Symfony bundle or any other project using the same Symfony CS
php php-cs-fixer.phar fix /path/to/bundle

If you are using Vim, install the dedicated plugin.


The tool comes with quite a few built-in fixers and finders, but everyone is more than welcome to contribute more of them.


A fixer is a class that tries to fix one CS issue (a Fixer class must implement FixerInterface).


A finder filters the files and directories scanned by the tool when run in the directory of your project when the project follows a well-known directory structures (like for Symfony projects for instance).

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