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Priority Queue (NodeJS) Build Status

It's a simple implementation of a priority queue for Node.js. It uses binary search to keep items ordered as they are inserted. By doing so, its performances are much more stable and attractive than the manual method of pushing items into an array and using #sort() continuously.

How do you use it?

var biggestNumber = new PriorityQueue();
biggestNumber.pop() // 3 (greater integers are more important)
biggestNumber.pop(2) // [1,2] (the next "2" more important items)

var bestAuthors = new PriorityQueue();
bestAuthors.push(["Douglas Adams", 100]);
bestAuthors.push(["Isaac Azimov", 90]);
bestAuthors.push(["J. K. Rowling", 1]);
bestAuthors.pop(); // ["Douglas Adams", 100]

What are the options?

  • comparator: A comparator function(a,b) that returns -1 if a<b, +1 if a>b or 0 if ... you know
  • priority: A function that returns the rank of a given item, used as the basis for comparison. Only used if comparator was not provided.
  • capacity: The maximum number of items the queue will contain. Lower priority items will be discarded, unless ...
  • reversed: If true, higher priority items will be discarded instead of lower ones (only used when capacity is set).

What are the methods?

  • q.add(item[, items*]) (aliased as push)

    Adds one or more items in the queue, keeping it ordered and discarding items if necessary.

  • q.pop([n])

    If n isn't given, it removes and returns one item from the top of the queue. If n is given, remove and return an array of n items from the top of the queue.

  • q.shift([n])

    If n isn't given, it removes and returns one item from the bottom of the queue. If n is given, well ... fill the blanks.

  • q.reset()

    Empty the queue

What are its properties?

  • q.length: its length (read-only)
  • q.capacity: its capacity. If set, items will be dropped when the capacity is exceeded.
  • q.queue: its content (read-only)
  • and q.bottom the top and bottom items in the queue (also read-only)