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latex2sympy parses LaTeX math expressions and converts it into the equivalent SymPy form.


ANTLR is used to generate the parser:

$ antlr4 PS.g4 -o gen


In Python 2.7:

from process_latex import process_sympy

process_sympy("\\frac{d}{dx} x^{2}")
# => "diff(x**(2), x)"


LaTeX Image Generated SymPy
x^{3} x**3
`\frac{d}{dx} t x`
\sum_{i = 1}^{n} i Sum(i, (i, 1, n))
\int_{a}^{b} \frac{dt}{t} Integral(1/t, (t, a, b))
`(2x^3 - x + z) _{x=3}`


Contributors are welcome! Feel free to open a pull request or an issue.