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A quick demo of building a Skype-like app, including video chat and text chat using OpenTok. Uses node-webkit for a Desktop App and Cordova for an iOS app
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A quick demo of building Skype, including video chat and text chat using OpenTok. Uses node-webkit for a Desktop App and Cordova for an iOS app

Video Walkthrough

Getting Started with OpenTok

  1. If you haven't already, sign up for OpenTok - Go to and click the "Sign Up" link.
  2. Log into the Dashboard - You'll get an email after you sign up with a link to login.
  3. Copy and paste your apiKey (either from the email or the "Projects" tab in the Dashboard) into the apiKey property in index.html
  4. Generate a session ID and token and copy them into the sessionId and token properties in index.html - In the "Projects" tab in the Dashboard there's a form to generate these.

Using the WebApp

The web app lives at index.html. You will need to run this in a web server. A simple way to do this is to use http-server if you have node on your system or SimpleHTTPServer if you have Python.

Once you have the server running just open up index.html in 2 browser tabs and you should be able to see yourself and text chat with yourself.

Using the Desktop App

The Desktop app lives in the desktop folder. It is basically the same index.html as the WebApp except that it links to it's own copy of opentok.js just to save waiting for the download. It uses node-webkit. Make sure you replace the apiKey, sessionId and token properties the same way you did for the WebApp.

To get it running you need to follow the instructions at:

Using the Mobile App

The mobile app uses Apache Cordova and the OpenTok plugin for Cordova created by songz.

You will need to install the cordova cli and you will need to have XCode. Then run:

cd mobile
cordova plugin add
cordova platform add ios
open platforms/ios/HelloCordova.xcodeproj

Then you just need to plugin an iOS device and click run. If you run into build issues have a look at the documentation at OpenTok iOS applications have to be run on an actual device, they don't work in the simulator unfortunately.

Also this app works better if it's locked to portrait orientation, I didn't figure out the layout properly for landscape.

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