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ARBrowser 3D

What is it?

The ARBrowser3D SDK adds augmented reality geolocation view to your iOS application in less than 3 minutes. A fully customized SDK with an easy API. The SDK takes care of all the complex functionalities an augmented reality browser needs. Your only concern will be to design and create amazing applications. The geolocation view supports 2D and 3D POIs (points of interest).

Key Concepts

  • GPS coordinates: Defines a specific location on the surface of the Earth using two numbers: latitude and longitude.
  • Point Of Intrest or POI, is a location point that someone may find useful or interesting. It encapsulates GPS coordinates and content describing the point.
  • POI Actions: POI related events that can be triggered by the user. Such events can be to share activities on social networks, view multimedia content about the POI (e.g. video, audio) and contacting (e.g. phone call,email, sms).
  • 3D POI: 3D scene or animation included as a POI. User can interact with it through gesture events.
  • Transition POI: A 3D POI that moves between 2 consecutive selected POIs.


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