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Motion Detection: Sample code using the Visual Search Framework Virtual Buttons
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Visual Search Framework


  • Add visual search to your app.
  • Real time image matching (50-100 images per pool).
  • Insert images from local resources: works offline!
  • Insert images from URL.
  • White Label.
  • QR code scan support.
  • Scan up to 4 QR / bar codes at a time.
  • Define you matching areas: Regions of Interest.
  • Match images and QR codes simultaneously
  • arm64 support
  • Swift support
  • BITCODE enabled
  • Compabitle with XCode8 and iOS 10

NEW: Motion Recognition

  • Define virtual buttons (regions of interest) to detect motion

********************** Request an API Key ********************** To use the framework you will need an API Key. To request it, just send an email to with the following details: * Bundle Id of the application where you want to use the framework. * Name and description of the app where you want to use the framework. * Your ( or your company ) name.
********************** Documentation ********************** [Wiki](
****************** API ****************** [](
****************** iOS Version ****************** 6.0+
************************* VS Framework version ************************* vsPlugin 1.03 vsMotion 0.5
****************** Devices tested ****************** iPhone 4
iPhone 4s
iPhone 5
iPhone 5s
iPhone 6
iPhone 6+
iPad 2,3,4
iPad Air
iPad mini 1, 2, 3

****************** License ****************** [LICENSE](
****************** Bugs ****************** [Issues & Requests](
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