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Python Scripts


monomodular b996+

How to make this work:

  1. You MUST be using the most current version of Live! (as of this writing, version 9.14). You should also install the latest version of Max (6.17, although I'm building against the beta of 6.18 at the moment....either should be fine).

  2. It’s a good idea to keep a separate copy of Live for the new scripts just so you don’t mess with your b995 installation (if you have one). On OSX, you can do this simply by making a new copy of your bundle and naming it something different (option + drag and drop). If that doesn't work for you, just back up your old Monomodular Python scripts and _Mono_Framework folder in MIDI Remote Scripts.

  3. Remove old paths from Max>Options>File Preferences for aumhaa_blocks, and make sure there’s not a copy of aumhaa_blocks in Max’s search path. I’m going to rename everything for release, but in the meantime there are duplicates of files used by the newer version that will interfere with things. Just make sure to move the "aumhaa_blocks" folder out of Max's search path....all the other files should be fine where they are, but please let me know if there are problems.

  4. Download the repository, preferably with a github client as I’m making frequent changes and it will be easier to update for you if you find bugs that I can quickly fix. Put the “mod” or “mod-master” folder inside Max’s packages folder, which can either be in ~/Documents/Max/packages or /Applications/Max/packages (either path will work).

  5. Copy all the folders from mod/Python Scripts to Live’s MIDI Remote Scripts folder. There will be an installer for this at release time, but for now you'll have to do it manually.....if you're testing this stuff before release, I'm guess you know where that is.

Any help in testing is really awesome for me, please send me log.txt and Max window shots so I can trace things though, and as much detail as possible about how you broke something ;)

080114 - Adding rebuild of CNTRLR script. Please check modes and let me know if their are issues.

Layout: top 4 encoder buttons: Mod/Instrument toggle, ModLock, DeviceSelector, UserMode.

UserMode's encoder selects channel output between 5 and 15 when UserMode is engaged.

Buttons for instrument mode are similar to Base's, check out it's Wiki for more info.

Holding down shift in instrument mode allows you to toggle splitMode and sequencerMode, or change scale/offsets/vertical offsets. Most of the scales are currently disabled, I'll reenable them once I've tweaked a few things.

Overall, I'm very unhappy with a) not being able to continuously navigate channels when in modMode, b) how long it took me to write this script using Live's new _Framework methods. I attempted to make things easier, but they seem just as complex as ever. The new methods are useful, but very incomplete. I keep finding myself having to finish up things in the _Framework that are only partially implemented, or written incorrectly. But hopefully the script will be an improvement in the end.

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