Compression technique.
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Compression technique. By stringing together 1/0s, using 1's as negative and a 0 as a positive, I've sublimely made a perfect compression. Through outputting into hexadecimal. This shortens <=4096 'bits' into a 2-byte hexadecimal. All your base are belong to us. Let's rhink of this as the way binary should not be used. Simple tally markers, that when one is different (0) it has found the byte number. Now, if you're lamer senses are up, I understand. But I'm crushing those 0+1-255+1 into a hexdigits. So to be clear, I am not all that lame. It's fresh, it's straight-forward, it's cool, and it is probably what one would want to go with when releasing new data that is sizeable, It is readily able to do random data, therefore it is capable of video,images, and other non-text items. So we have that clear. Clearly.. hope you enjoy what took an accident to make, 5 years into the project.

the idea

If you look at the code, it's very straightforward. The compression adds a 1 if it is not the correct bit to an array. If it is the byte value looked for, it places a 0. It does this with a boundary at 4096 of these 'bits'. When decompressing, a for loop looks through 4096 possibilities; If it is 1, Y is incremented from 1 to 2 or 3 or whatever, till a 0 is found, where I turn Y-1 into a (char) and output to file and return Y to 1. If there is neither a 1 nor a 0 left in the hexadecimal, as if to say (according to what is in the programs logic) the sum of 1s and 0s would‘ve gone over 4096 or we hit the end of the file, we exit the for return Y to 1, and see if there's another hexadecimal.. if so, we do it again. If not, we exit the program. Fin