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commit ac9768b35403f50f0d81ee92bc5620862d6565d0 1 parent 7f1ef47
@pmjones pmjones authored
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@@ -1,2 +1,4 @@
lead,pmjones,Paul M. Jones,,
developer,harikt,Hari KT,,
+contributor,pborrelli,Pascal Borrelli,,
67 meta/changes.txt
@@ -1,65 +1,8 @@
-WARNING: Backwards compatibility breaks in this release.
+- [CHG] Typo fixes from Pascal Borrelli.
+- [CHG] PSR-2 coding style fixes from Nakymaton.
-These breaks are generally to allow plain old PHP object (POPO) entity
-classes. This means that while one can use GenericEntity and extend it if
-one likes, there is no requirement to do so.
-- [BRK] Renamed "Record" and "Records" to "Entity" and "Entities" across the
- package. This is to keep it in line with changes to naming in other packages
- and libraries that use unit-of-work, identity maps, etc.
-- [BRK] Remove GenericCollection::getIdentityValues() and appendNewRecord().
-- [BRK] GenericEntity (previously GenericRecord) no longer tracks changes on
- itself. Use GenericType::getChangedFields($entity) instead. The new version
- checks **only** for changes to initial data, and does not report if fields
- have been added.
-- [BRK] Entity\Builder (previously RecordBuilder) now sets field values by
- property (i.e., `$entity->field = $value`) instead of as an array passed to
- the constructor. This is to enable plain-old PHP object entity classes that
- do not depend on inherit GenericEntity (previously GenericRecord).
-- [BRK] Entity\Builder now needs a Lazy\Builder.
-- [BRK] Remove GenericEntity::$type and magic methods; moved methods to
- traits.
-- [BRK] In GenericType, rename $relation to $relations
-- [BRK] In GenericType, remove getRelationNames()
-Other Changes
-- [CHG] GenericType::load() now allows you to specify what field to use for
- the return values
-- [CHG] GenericType no longer does lazy-loading of entities; it now builds
- each one at load() time.
-- [REF] GenericCollection no longer uses a $type property.
-- [ADD] Property Entity\Builder::$class, for extension purposes
-- [NEW] Traits Lazy\MagicArrayAccessTrait and Lazy\MagicPropertyTrait to allow
- automatic replacement of Lazy placeholders for related entities and
- collections, along with magic get/set/isset/unset. These traits can be used
- in any POPO entity class.
-- [ADD] Methods GenericType::loadEntity() and loadCollection(); these return
- the newly-loaded data as an entity or collection object.
-- [ADD] The GenericType, when creating an entity, now sets Lazy placeholders
- for related entity and collection objects. The Lazy\Magic*Trait traits
- perform the replacement of the Lazy with the real entity or collection.
-- [ADD] Method GenericType::getRelations() to get all relationship definitions.
-- [CHG] Make the AbstractRelation object more explicit and a little dumber;
- move prep/checking from AbstractRelation to RelationBuilder
+- [FIX] In Type/GenericType, fixed initialization of $index_new to empty array
+- [ADD] Methods Type\GenericType::removeEntities() and getRemovedEntities(),
+ to remove entities from the identity map.
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