@pmjones pmjones released this Feb 9, 2017

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Add support for setting, and sending, multiple Response header values.

@pmjones pmjones released this Oct 3, 2016 · 10 commits to 2.x since this release

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Hygiene release: update license year, and remove branch alias.

@pmjones pmjones released this Mar 27, 2015

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This release modifies the testing structure and updates other support files.

@pmjones pmjones released this Mar 15, 2015

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This is a hygiene release to update support files. In particular, composer.json now adds tests/ to "autoload-dev" so that Aura\Web\FakeResponse is available for bundle, kernel, and project tests.

@pmjones pmjones released this Nov 7, 2014

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  • DOC: Update README and docblocks.
  • ADD: Request\Content::getCharset() functionality; fixes #45
  • CHG: Disable auto-resolve for container tests and make config more explicit

@pmjones pmjones released this Oct 4, 2014

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  • Convert to PSR-4 autoloading.
  • Add back PHP 5.3 compatibility.
  • Honor host from 'HTTP_HOST' and 'SERVER_NAME'.
  • Converted to class-based configuration for Aura projects, and use the updated
    service naming rules.
  • Add a ResponseSender class for easy sending of Response objects: after sending
    headers and cookies, if the content is a callable, the callable is invoked and
    echoed, otherwise the content is just echoed.
  • Deal with a bug in the PHP built-in server to determine content type and
  • Use the proper content-type for the .csv extension.
  • The Request Values object now has getBool(), getInt(), and getFloat(); these
    cast the request value appropriately.
  • Extract Accept-related functionality to Aura.Accept package.
  • README and docblock updates.
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