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new releases for packages #11

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@pmjones a new post? or do we want to wait for other packages to be released ?


The post is old and iirc Paul has wrote it .

@harikt harikt closed this
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Commits on May 8, 2013
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    new releases for packages

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+layout: post
+title: New Releases
+tags: [auraphp]
+author : Hari KT
+We have released Aura.Autoload, Aura.Cli, Aura.Di, Aura.Intl, Aura.Uri
+and Aura.View. All the changes have been documented in the changes.txt in
+the appropriate packages. Many thanks to the contributors
+(@nakymaton, @mapthegod, @dhaaker, @koriym, @pborreli, @JeremyKendall) who made this release happen.
+One of the notable change is for Aura.Uri, which now supports PublicSuffixList.
+Many thanks to [Jeremy Kendall]( and he is joining the team.
+Please welcome him.
+We have a brand new website, and also the domain
+now points to than
+Many thanks to Paul M Jones for working behind the release, website changes
+and for his hard work behind all.
+We will be releasing other packages also shortly, which includes the new
+shiny Aura.Input (form component)
+Nb: If I missed to give any credits please ping me.
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