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A full-stack framework built from Aura library packages.

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Aura System

The Aura System is a skeleton for a full-stack Aura framework composed of Aura packages. You may clone the system for aiding in Aura development, or you may download a system tarball (below) for your own use. The system tarballs include all the Aura packages of the same version number.

Getting Started

  1. Download a copy of the latest system tarball.

  2. Uncompress it and place it in your document root.

  3. Browse to '/path/to/auraphp-system-{$VERSION}/web/index.php' to see "Hello World!"

Altenatively via composer

  1. Download system tar or zip

  2. Uncompress it and place it in your document root.

  3. Download composer via wget if you are a *nix environment or get it from


And now run

php composer.phar update
  1. Browse to '/path/to/auraphp-system-{$VERSION}/web/index.php' to see "Hello World!"

For a more production-oriented solution, you should add a virtual host and and point its document root to '/path/to/auraphp-system-version/web'.


The documentation is incomplete at this time. You may read what we have so far at


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