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It is used when you want to operate menu bar using keyboard. It is basically developed in javascript. ###How to use ?

  • Add menu_bind_functionality.js in your page. There are two ways to use :
  1. Directly assiging shortcuts to menu li.
  • Just call placeShortcut function with no perameters. You need to declare attribut shortcut,display_shortcut and hilight_shortcut value on your main ul Also you have to give your attribut to your li as shortcut_key="you shortcut key"
  1. Making list of shortcut sequencely.
  • Use placeShortcut funcation with perameter (list of shortcuts which you have to assign), {shortcut: true, display_shortcut: true, hilight_shortcut: true } Here if you want to apply shortcut then make that opetion true as shown above. Display shortcut is used dispaly shortcut on side of menu name Hilight shortcut will highligt a letter in name of menu if it exesist in name. Ex:menu name is sale and want to give shortcut ctrl+alt+s. Here s will be highlighted as underline.