IPhotoExporter is a python script that exports and synchronizes events or iPhoto albums (MacOSX) just to folders.
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iPhotoExporter is a python script that exports and synchronizes iPhoto events or albums (MacOSX) simply to folders.

In less than 5 minutes*, archive the contents of iPhoto in folders to see them from a NAS, a SmartTV or Windows for example!

It was also easier to identify duplicates with third party software.

*4'30 for 12GB of photos (MBP / SSD)

###Key features :

  • Exports albums or events
  • Synchronization of the elements
  • Backup of originals (optional)
  • Adds the title of the photo to the file name

Tested with iPhoto 11 9.2.3 on MacOSX 10.7.4 Lion.


  • Copy the script (for example in Documents)

  • Run a Terminal (Applications> Utilities> Terminal)

  • Move to the location of the script

      cd $HOME/Documents 
  • Run the script like this:

      python iphotoexporter.py [options] "iPhoto Library" "destination-folder"


      -a, -albums		albums processes instead of events
      -o -original	also exports original master images
      -v, -verbose	print all actions
      -t, -test		does not copy files and does not create folders

See the examples below.


You want to export all events, with the original images:

python iphotoexporter.py -o "$HOME/Pictures/iPhoto Library" "$HOME/Pictures/iPhoto Export"


  • By default, iPhotoExporter exports events. To export the albums use the -a option.

  • The script created a different folder for each album or event.

  • Originals photos are suffixed with [original].

  • Photos whose title was edited are suffixed with the caption in brackets.

###Disclaimer : Derived from the script of Derrick Childers on macosxhints, the iPhotoExplorer script is characterized by the addition of the synchronization, backup of originals, and works with accented characters.