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Alternative implementation of Skeleton-Navigation samples

This repository contains the following samples

  1. cli esnext

  2. cli typescript

  3. cli esnext webpack

  4. cli typescript webpack

  5. cli esnext aspnetcore

  6. cli typescript aspnetcore

Like the original Aurelia skeleton navigation repository, cli based skeletons are maintained in six folders, each of them having three subfolders. The applications in these subfolders represent the stages of the process of the parent applicaion creation: from the basic aurelia cli (Hello World!) app to the cli based equivalent of the navigation skeleton with added KendoUI Bridge Autocomplete component (click here to see this application hosted at GitHub)

Here is the internal organization of the cli typescript sample (all other follow the same pattern):

Documentation associated with these samples

At the moment there is a separate Gitbook based Aurelia CLI Adventures document, envisioned as a section of a more ambitious project with the working title "Building and deploying Aurelia applications". The above outlined cli typescript sample is described with all gory details in the Skeleton Tyescript KendoUI chapter.

Note that there is a condensed version of that same chapter, written in the style designed to help the Aurelia CLI team to add the code generation features described in this document.